Distillation Column

With the help of our diligent workforce, we offer our clients a wide range of distillation columns that are highly effective in distillation process. Fabricated using quality material, these distillation columns include columns that have more than two product streams and possess trays and packs to bring out an enhanced distillation. Designed with precision, these distillation columns are highly efficient in carrying out the extractive distillation and azeotropic distillation. We manufacture the distillation column of bubble cap tray type and packed type in various material combination like carbon steel and stainless steel.
Distillation Columns are widely used in the chemical process industries where large quantities of liquids need to be distilled. Such industries are the Petroleum processing, petrochemical production, natural gas processing, coat tar processing, brewing, liquefied air separation, and hydrocarbon solvents production and similar industries but it finds its widest application in petroleum refineries.

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